Octave One vs. Obama “Black Victory” (DJ Aroy Yes We Can Bootleg)



Yes he can. Yes he did. DJ Aroy has released an official clip of a bootleg mash up to Octave One (430 West Records) featuring Ann Saunderson “Blackwater,” and Barack Obama’s victory speech in 2008. The track featured in the clip is a remixed version of “Blackwater,” by Kevin Saunderson. The modest mash up created a smooth yet simple track but when you get a smooth melody backing a powerful speaker, you get an epic sound. Personally, Barack Obama should’ve used this melody during his actual speech, it would’ve been a fresh twist, especially since Aroy mashed up the melodies to his speech quite well. Although the track is a killer, the song is over a year old. With success thanks to the Internet, blogs posting the bootleg track online, and Octave One play listing the tune as well, Aroy decided to create a video. Enjoy.

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