Steve Aoki Facebook Like Contest—Win a Trip To Los Angeles Courtesy Dim Mak

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Planking is so yesterday... so what is the next craze? Is it treehugging? Bottlebalancing? Triangulating? It's pretty much what ever you want it to be, as long as it's entertaining enough for Mr. Aoki and the Dim Mak clan to pick you as a winner. Can you create the next latest thing? I have no idea, but if you think you can… make a video of yourself doing what ever it is you think will have folks acting all dumb for over the next 1.5 weeks (ok, maybe a bit longer) and submit said video with #AOKICONTEST in the header. The winner will get a free flight to Los Angeles, hotel accommodations, some time to hangout at the Dim Mak HQ with the Dim Mak staff and a bunch of free swag. The contest is underway now and ends after they hit more than 400,000 Likes on the Aoki Facebook page. (As of this post they're at 394,534.) For more info about this contest go to the Steve Aoki YouTube page. Good luck!

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