Swedish House Mafia At Madison Square Garden—$1300 Tickets = WTF!?



While most people on the east coast were stuck in traffic during their morning commutes, there were a few thousand fans of the Swedish-super-trio, Swedish House Mafia, waiting on the evil ticketing demon website Ticketmaster. SHM announced the biggest show of the year on September 23, 2011, attempting to be the first EDM to sell out the Holy Grail of venues, Madison Square Garden in New York City and decided to test the waters with evil Ticketmaster.

SHM announced that there would be three tiers of tickets sales; one would take place on Wednesday for a very few select fans that were following the group from the beginning and attended the M2 and Brixton shows, the second taking place Thursday for fans of the groups Facebook page, and the third taking place on Friday for the general public, but that tier is irrelevant because who doesn’t have Facebook these days, c’mon guys. Wednesday’s chosen ones were given a special code that could be used to purchase tickets and that went off without a hitch except for a few lowlifes that decided to sell their unique code on eBay or purchase the tickets and sell them for such an astronomical profit, one user on Facebook even making his profits public:

Listen guys. I had an M2 presale code. I got 2 GA tix. I was gonna go, I love SHM. But when someone offers you $1300 for a pair of tickets to a concert, you sort of start re-evaluating your values.

SHM responded on their Facebook wall referring to the above statement and to fans that sold their tickets on stub hub today:

right..stubhub...shame on you. and those of you who we gave m2 codes to yesterday and put them on EBay...same to you.

Flash forward to 10 am EST this morning, it was a chaotic scene for the MSG pre-sale. SHM were monitoring the sale as it took place, at one point they noticed that there were 5000 people just in the holding area for tickets, which is complete bullshit, a holding area for tickets? It’s Ticketmaster, not the JFK airport. They noticed the demand and quickly pushed all but 1000 tickets slated for tomorrow’s general sale. Those tickets sold out in what seemed to be a blink of an eye or maybe it was the egregious holding pattern that Ticketmaster forced buyers into that limited them to buy tickets swimmingly. Tickets during the pre-sale ranged from 89.95 to 300 USD for VIP. As of the writing at 1PM EST the tickets have sold out per SHM Facbook page.

The “wall” of SHM was on fire with angry fans citing that there must have been some type of conspiracy with Ticketmaster and Stubhub. Some even stating that there is a backdoor to Ticketmaster used by brokers. SHM quickly jumped on their wall and communicated with fans that they will get to the bottom of it:

Just hold tight. The boys are looking at ways now to help. Our advice remains—do not buy tickets from secondary sellers. Wait until we tell you what we will do which wont be today but may well be tomorrow if we can pull it together.

We will see where this story goes, but there is certainly something going on here, fans are not gloating as they normally would if they were successful at purchasing tickets. At the time of the writing as stated before, the tickets are sold out. But how can the tickets be sold out if the general sale is tomorrow? I will be monitoring this story very closely and will try to get in touch with some of the SHM team. If it smells like fish, chances are it’s a fish, and this smells fishy. Stay tuned.

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