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The Lords of Acid "Little Mighty Rabbit" (Metropolis Records)


In terms of sheer exhibitionism, Belgian-born Lords of Acid are the tops. In terms of acid house, the phylum into which they ostensibly fall, this is pop. That’s not a damnation, this is pop with legs. Brace yourself, as the following phrase has never been uttered: This is “haunting pop.” It’s been years, but Jade 4U’s shit hot vocals on “I Must Increase My Bust” still pays my brain a visit on those lazy Sunday afternoons when most men are watching football and drinking Budweiser. What we have here is a remix smorgesborg: three original tracks, bifurcating out to 12. “Little Mighty Rabbit” is the main concern—an insatiable humper who, if you trust album covers, prefers to enter via what some call the “back door.” The collaborators? You’ll be surprised. The changes and transmogrifications levied on “Rabbit” are subtle. It is, and remains throughout, a linear door-smasher expertly engineered to bring about pistioning of the hips, waving of the appendages, gnashing of the teeth/tongues, casting away of the clothes and finally—if the proper mood enhancers have been ingested—the making of the babies. Although I do not know who “Radical G” is, and have too full a day ahead of me to do the research, I will say his revamp causes objects at rest to move. I can, as a long-standing trance historian, appreciate Christopher Lawrence’s involvement but… there is one name on the list of remixers here that genuinely bolted my butter: DJ MICRO! Hoooooooooooooooooooooo! Last I heard he had been captured by his nemesis ATB, cast into a deep cryogenic sleep and set adrift off Jupiter. How he escaped? I cannot say. But proof of life is here for you to consider. While you’re at it you simply must check out the “Dirty Dub Dildo” mix. Pick it up via Metropolis here.

Lords of Acid "Little Mighty Rabbit" (Smell-O Kitty)

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