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The Rapture "In the Grace of Your Love" (DFA)

And so it begins with a lone, sustained synth against which a voice rockets from a five-year crypt of recording silence--sounding much like Black Francis in a moment of bright-note, tight asshole caterwaul. But what I did not know is that the Rapure is in collusion with the Sun; and eight minutes before I pressed play on my special, von Pfeiffer model discman (yes I use a discman, you would too if Panasonic named a model after you) that gas giant received transmission from frontman Jenner and responded by beaming a spearhead of focused gamma rays directly into my solar plexus. I dropped from my chair, through a gaping maw that had formed in the concrete and woke up in China. ‘Twas sheer, unsublimated sublimity, as close as I’ve been in a long while to hearing something beautiful which was created solely by a human being—opener “Sail Away.” I give such praise much, much less often than Oprah Winfrey says anything intelligent—it is worth your time. The rest of the album follows well and is more than enough of an excuse to cover the aforementioned five years of studio avoidance. DFA continues to wow, astound and flog the brains and bodies of those who are paying even the least amount of attention to what’s what these days. This is a rare album, a moment sustained and captured by three individuals laboring together and with the Sun to express the same emotion/thought—and doing it superlatively. Look to the title of the LP to deduce the emotive drive. It matters not if tomorrow they split up, established rival casinos in Reno, went to war with one another and died bespattered with bits of one another’s brains, bones and blood—they’ll always have In the Grace of Your Love,  nothing can take that away from them. Notables include the light-stepping feather funk of album-closer “It Takes Time to be a Man” and “Can you Find a Way?” which exudes the sort of high-buck tension you can only find in European spy thrillers. Seriously though, this winner has texture, you may want to think about upgrading your stereo. I suggest Panasonic. Pick up the album here.


“It Takes Time to be a Man”

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