The Whip Are Back With A New Album Via Southern Fried—Plus Free Download



It’s been a minute since we’ve heard some output from Manchester band The Whip—pretty much since their high-octane debut X Marks Destination in 2008.

Their new album Wired Together will be out  on 26 September via Southern Fried and is the culmination of the past six months that the trio (Bruce Carter, Nathan Sudders and Fiona Daniel) has spent in the studio with producer Jagz Kooner (whom is now in the studio with the über cool French band Rinôçérôse). The new album still retains The Whip’s ability to set pulses racing with pounding rhythms and fluid, dancefloor friendly beats but broadens the band’s palate to introduce a more celebratory vibe and a more lyrical version of the band’s dance music. Here's a free download of “Keep Or Delete” from the new album, Plus a Blue Satellite remix of the same song. Happy listening. If you’re feeling the tunes, you can pre-order Wired Together via the band’s site now.

For being such a loyal fan, when you pre-order the album you will receive five tracks immediately to keep you satiated until the full version is released.

The Whip "Keep Or Delete"

The Whip "Keep or Delete" (Blue Satellite remix)

The Whip @ Space In Ibiza 2011

The Whip Track By Track On The New Album:

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