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The White Panda: The New Kings Of Mash-Up?

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Creating a legit mash-up isn’t the easiest thing to produce but duo group The White Panda (Procrast and DJ Griffi) have found their niche in making it happen. Thanks to Silence No Good, I stumbled upon the innovative playlist of The White Panda mash-ups. Bag Raiders (read our feature on the Raiders), Eminem, M83, Kanye West, Flux Pavilion and even Lil’ Wayne have had their songs re-mastered and combined to invent something new. Not only is their playlist divine, the way the tracks flow in their entirety will have your head bobbing to the melodies. If you aren’t a fan already, check out The White Panda on SoundCloud and Facebook… there’s a buzz—do you hear it.

"Midnight Life" (Kanye West vs. M83)

A Few Tour Dates:

  1. 9/29/11 in Tucson, AZ @ The Rock

  2. 10/5/11 in Ann Arbor, MI @ Necto

  3. 10/6/11 in Chicago, IL @ The Mid

  4. 10/18/11 in Salem, MA @ Bluebird Nightclub

  5. 12/28/11 in New York City, NY @ Webster Hall

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