This Is What Happens When A Daft Punk Fan Has Four Months To Kill...

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If you geek out like Harrison Krix you make a Thomas Bangalter helmet. The video below documents the 4 months of work it took to create a replica of Thomas Bangalter's helmet from Daft Punk. The big headscratcher about this is why the hell would you not use a Daft Punk song in the video? It makes no sense to me. See video below the images. Anywho... The helmet features over 350 LEDs, can run over four hours on a single charge and the matrix is capable of being updated on-the-fly with a custom programmed iOS app. I'm not all up on Harrison Krix's past work, but appatently this is a follow up to a helmet inspired by the other half of the duo, Guy-Manuel. View the entire shoot via Volpin's Flickr here.



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