Thulhu Headphones—Handmade Style From Japan


You know those people that wear headphones (read Skullcandy patrons) no matter where they are—even at nightclubs. They’re rocking a tilted Nu Era, pants below the crotch, underwear pulled up, the cord isn’t plugged into shit—it’s just dangling down by their waist—with the headphone wrapped around their neck. Ugh. If that’s a fashion statement, the Caine headphones from Thulhu are for folks with a Rick Owens sense of style.


The company says they’ve created the ultimate headphone. We’re not sure about all that (given the fact we haven’t had a listen), but we can say that these are some of the most stylish and sophisticated looking headphones we’ve seen in a minute. For a cost of $637.21 per pair they better sound as amazing as they look.

The Caine is handmade in Japan utilizing high-grade PCOCC hand wiring. The headband is constructed from Italian vegetable tanning leather sourced from Florence and is hand sewn. The headphone cable can be tied together by the deer leather belt via the loop holder allowing you to fold the cable into a compact loop.

Pick up the headphones via LN-CC.

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