Unreleased Daft Punk Track From 1994—“Drive” - Magnetic Magazine

Unreleased Daft Punk Track From 1994—“Drive”


It's not Daft Punk day here at Magnetic, but their names are gracing a few headlines. This here is about Soma. We’ve been big fans of the label for many years now—almost as long as they've been around. Soma Quality Recordings is gearing up for their 20-year anniversary (damn! It’s been that long) and this here tune is taken off their upcoming compilation celebrating said milestone. If an unreleased Daft Punk tune doesn’t get you in the mood, what the hell will? Seems fitting that Soma has this one on the comp considering the band, when they were wide-eyed greenhorns, released their first three EPs with the label before leaving to take over the world. And take over the world they did.


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