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Vidding Around: Drop The Lime "Hot As Hell" Live At The Trouble & Bass 5-Year Anniversary!

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Magnetic friend Nicky Digital and his Vidding Around crew just sent us their latest video so we thought we’d share with you. We were already looking forward to Control (at Avalon) at the end of the week with the new Drop The Lime show, but after watching this snippet from the Trouble & Bass five-year anniversary we’re now a bit more fired up. Not sure where you stand on all this, but taking Fifties rock 'n' roll and running it through a bass-heavy club filter sounds pretty damn interesting. Even before I heard the music our ears were perked. Then you mix it up onstage with vintage-costumed backup singers and dancers and a live drummer with the Drop The Lime singing complete with a guitar strapped in hand—how could you not be intrigued. Seriously, it’s not a PB&J combination in any shape or form. But by the looks of it... he’s pulled it off.


Drop The Lime’s latest album, Enter The Night should be out pretty soon, although we don’t have an exact date as of yet. “Shake Baby Shake,” the latest single off the yet to be released album is dropping today. You can pick it up via Ultra Music.

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