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A Quick Chat With Gary Richards, The Man Behind Hard

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Photo by Daren Cornell

He’s a DJ, a producer and the creator of a massive music festival called Hard. He’s a Capricorn, who enjoys vodka with soda and a touch of lime. He has one dog by the name of Jackson and he’s a complete stranger to free time. He’s also the reason why in less than a week, LA natives will be dripping sweat from dancing too hard to the sounds of Skrillex, Laidback Luke, Soulwax, Rusko and many more at the Shrine Expo Hall. Yes, he’s Gary Richards’s aka Destructo, the creative genius behind Hard established in 2007. Despite the fact Richards is super busy planning his fourth annual Hard Haunted Mansion, we caught up with him for a quick chat.

It seems that you feature many of the same artists on a lot of your bills. Why the consistency?
I feel we mix it up but the good ones I feel are so solid…why not bring them back?


Any new artists you’d like to bring on for 2012?
Daft Punk and Van Halen.

Those are two different worlds, what era of music has influenced you?
Early ‘90s acid house.

If music wasn’t your career, what do you think you would have pursued?
A surgeon because I’m a perfectionist and I like to cut people.

I’m slightly disturbed. What’s the most astounding event you’ve bore witness to?
Lindsay Lohan performing a DJ set.

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What’s your viewpoint of the progress and influence electronic music is making?
It’s everywhere! Yesterday I saw a Taco Bell commercial and the flat breads were dubsteppin’.

Dancing flat breads. Speaking of skills. You’ve got some. How’d you get ‘em?
Most of my skills have been learned from the streets, just going out and making it happen.

What is the most memorable incident you have involving a fan?
Every show is memorable for me. When a fan comes up and says I have given them the time of their life, that is the best for me and it happens a lot. So I’m very, very, lucky.

How would you describe the sounds found at Hard to a deaf person?
I would not have to describe it because they would feel it.

Do you think there are any commonly held societal beliefs that are false?
I think humans have out smarted themselves on Earth. We are our own worst enemy.

Ok, thanks for your time Gary. See you this weekend...

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