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Avicii’s “Le7els” Feels Like A Classic And It’s Not Even Out Yet

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When you hear a big tune it’s just something that hits you right away—you know it, you feel it and if you’re the person playing the music you can see it in the crowd. I’m pretty sure that was the case when Avicii first dropped Le7els” back in January 2011. And here we are today, almost a year down the road and that tune feels like a classic and it’s not even out yet. Well, not yet anyway, but the release is imminent (October 31 to be exact) and we’re pretty certain it’s going to stay one of the biggest records of the year. So few songs actually manage to capture the passion, emotion and general feeling of ecstasy that this tune does.

As a little reminder of the song’s incredible journey from dancefloor to music store take a peep at this teaser video. The footage was captured over the past 12 months from across the world and does a pretty damn good job of summing up, in 2-minutes, the phenomenon that “Le7els” has become. BTW, if you missed our feature on Avicii you can read it here.

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