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Meet Victor Wilde from the Bohemian Society. Wilde founded Bohemian Society in 2003 and is based in Downtown Los Angeles. He makes high art garments for men and women. He also makes accessories, films and get up to a lot of other stuff. He was born a vegetarian in Brooklyn NY to a very carnivorous Italian family. Thus preparing him for most conflicts in life. When I say he was born vegetarian I mean as soon as he could speak (and eat solid foods) he had a natural aversion to meat. This was a huge problem for his carnivorous kin—what does a two year old know anyway? Luckily the doctor said to leave him alone but this did not stop his family from trying to bribe or even trick him into eating meat. They would say breaded food like hot dogs or chicken were actually just bread. Needless to say, when he found out he was being lied to he became super pissed off (at three) and vowed a vendetta (like a good Sicilian) to never eat meat. And to this day meat has never parsed his lips. He’s serious about it. He was once offered any toy in Toys R Us on the ground that he ate one of his grandma’s meatballs. That didn’t happen… so another offer came in the form of five one hundred dollars spread on the table next to a ham sandwich. Five hundred dollars to a kid might as well be a million, but in both cases he could not be bought. Other things you may not know about Victor? He was once a street performer and ran for mayor of New York City. No shit. What kind of platform does a street performer run on? Good question. His included immunity for all artists, free phone service, a parade every weekend, the upper west side was to be turned into a theme park, and the subway system was to be turned into a log flume ride. Sadly things didn’t come to fruition—9/11 happened and Bloomberg won. That does sound like a New York I could like.

Victor now lives in Los Angeles and gets up to a lot of different things. Most recently he started doing these “Body Print” tees you see below. The pictures pretty much say it all. I love the fact that each shirt comes with a flash drive containing a film that shows you how they are made. So far he’s only done female models, but we’re told male models are soon to come. There’s also talk about expanding to “print” famous porn stars, models and Hollywood personalities.

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Photos by Joe Rubinstein (Polite In Public):


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