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Born Gold “Bodysongs” (Hovercraft)

Born Gold, the lads formerly known as Gobble Gobble are hard, up against it and reaching heavenwards in a desperate bid for your adoration. "Decimate Everything" as the title for a lead track is a bit of dangerous hyperbole for this offering which falls in, or forms, the epicenter of electronic's newest genre: electro-fuzzyjoypop. Accompanying such bold phrasing, one expects hulking bass ignorant of what it steps on, coruscating power cords which peel back ones cerebral cortex and corrupting vocals which inform on how to lay waste to all organic life on Earth in three easy steps. Not here, no. If you armed Al Jorgensen with a feather... or both members of Erasure with jackhammers they could do more damage in a china shop than these canucks. Admittedly "Decimate Everything" comes out of the gate with a bit of heat, it surrenders it all, and quickly, to a pastoral gallop where cheeky handclaps abound and heels are clicked with in a confetti tsunami—"Decimate All Dirt and Clean Everything Really, Really Well" may be a more apt tag. As for the rest of the LP, promises are made, ever-lasting fealty sworn, friendships consummated. That being said, if you like ebullient music and phrases that rhyme, you're in for a treat. Fan of the Pet Shop Boys? Bronski Beat? ABC? Soft Cell, Erasure or Vince Clarke in general? Form a line, do it with joyous abandon—they're based in San Fran so you needn't pack a bag!


“Decimate Everything”

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