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Chain Swangaz’s “Futuristic Love Patrol”—Be Careful

Here’s a dose of musical humor that’ll put a smile on your face. Chain Swangaz just released the 3rd music video for the EP “Extended Package” titled “Futuristic Love Patrol.” Watching Dirt Nasty plastered in silver paint, in a jumpsuit, intimidating a robot, playing with sex toys, Kreayshawn, Lil’ Debbie, 2 Live Crew, need I say more. Besides the track having lyrics that will stay stuck in your brain “I put my sugar in your jelly roll,” will have you laughing to yourself. To say the least the video is quite entertaining. The video isn’t rated “G” so if you’re currently working at your desk and eager to watch the video, be careful. Then again unless you’re a rebel in the office with zero fear of having sex toys displayed on your screen, check out the video!


The Extended Package EP is available for free download via their website. Enjoy!

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