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Culprit’s Last Rooftop Bash Of The Summer—And What A Season It Was


All photography by Christopher Soltis (Night Moves)

Culprit had a pretty great line up all summer long. Steve Bug, Benoit & Sergio (did you read the Beniot & Sergio guide to Washington DC they did for Magnetic?), Soul Clap, Wolf + Lamb, Matt Tolfrey, Jamie Jones, Lee Foss are but a few that have had people bouncing around on Standard’s rooftop. Things came to a close this past weekend with recent Los Angles transplant Martin Buttrich (Desolat head honcho with Loco Dice and studio wizard behind Timo Maas’ rise to prominence) and Jozif, whom recently started a label with Fabric musical director Craig Richards called Fist or Finger. Kid hasn’t been around for long, but teaming up with Richards will definitely give him a bump—plus he’s been catching attention for his productions on Crosstown Rebels and Culprit and his Resident Advisor podcast from earlier this year is pretty noteworthy.

Fist or Finger is a vinyl only label and not the easiest thing to get your hands on due to the fact that each release is limited to 300 copies. Their first outing “Beats In Space” didn’t take long to sellout. Vol 3 takes a pretty dope approach by celebrating three different pieces of music for each room at Fabric. Haven’t heard it, but we like the idea.

Anywho… here’s some photos from Culprits last rooftop party at Standard from this past weekend followed by a quick question and answer session with Jozif. Thanks to Christopher Soltis from Night Moves for providing the images.

How would you describe your sound to a deaf person?
Emotional, musical and rhythm driven…

What was your favorite toy as a child and why did you stop playing with it?
I didn’t really have a favorite toy… I wasn’t really a toy kinda kid, if that makes sense. Although I loved my Adidas Italia 90 football—that I lost scoring the best goal ever (in my back garden!).

Most memorable incident you have involving a fan?
Every weekend I’m fortunate enough to have people come up to me say the loveliest things about my music. And all the nice emails and comments I received about my RA Podcast was really really amazing. Those types of things I don’t think ill ever forget, they mean a lot!

Favor us with a moment in life that changed the course of your aesthetic philosophy.
Good question. Without going too deep into it, I think when mum was diagnosed with MS that changed the way I kinda looked at life. Also, as I’ve said in the past, the romantic relationships I experienced have almost always changed the course of my life—for better or for worse. From a musical standpoint, meeting and becoming friendly with Andrew Weatherall certainly changed a lot. Without him I would’ve really never met Craig Richards when I did and we all know how that turned out.

Take us from alpha to omega with a project. Your creative arc, if you will.
Wow, this could take a while! Usually I have an idea or hear something that inspires me. Could be a piece of a speech or an interview, a documentary (Natural Nature was made up a hundreds of samples taken from nature documentaries), a piece of music, a drum rhythm, etc. From there it’s pretty standard operating procedure: get in the studio and get to work. A lot of the more simple bits have come from me using my little lappy whilst I’ve been away. “Chicago” was written on my mum’s kitchen table and finished on the bus on the way home! Sometimes, I don’t think it takes a lot to write a great piece of music. It can be the simplest thing in the world. Just look at “Smoke On The Water” or John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Both those records were conceived, written and recorded in super quick time in the most rudimentary of surroundings.

CD to MP3 was a big paradigm shift in the music business. Look ahead for us, into the future. What will cause the next big shake up?
Hmmmm… not really sure I’m the right person to ask this question—I’m still playing records and CDs. I think the whole memory stick thing is cool, if every club had the 2000's I’d be all over it. I can't see NI stopping with their development of Traktor and Machine. That system just seems to be going from strength to strength.

Do you think there are any commonly held societal beliefs that are false?
I dunno? I’m a firm believer in the individual. My parents brought me up to make my own decisions. They gave me all the information possible, gave me all the opportunities and it was up to me as to what I did with them. I know many people that have contributed many amazing things that have, and do, take lots of drugs, or have had no education. But in saying that, my kids are going to school.

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Top 5 songs in Jozif’s “Top 25 Most Played” folder in iTunes:

Harry Nilsson “Without You”

Millie Jackson “Summer (The First Time)”

Steve Gadd And Ralph Mcdonald “Live In Boston”

Roxette “Fading Like A Flower”

Feist “Inside And Out”

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