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David's Lyre Gives Away Free D/R/U/G/S Remix of “Hidden Ground”

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"Hidden Ground" in its original form is a rather beautiful slice of acoustic pop, but what a superb D/R/U/G/S remix. I’m going to have this one on repeat for a minute. Sometimes the most understated things make the biggest impact. David's Lyre (aka singer/songwriter/producer Paul Dixon) is putting this one out there before the “Hidden Ground” single drops on 24th October via Hideout Recordings. And if the “Hidden Ground” is a snapshot of what the David’s Lyre debut album will sound like, we’re looking forward to it, indeed. Sadly, no release date as of yet, but enjoy this free download. It’s a great way to make your Monday a little bit better.


If you’re not familiar, time spent on the man’s SoundCloud page is well worth it.

“Hidden Ground” D/R/U/G/S remix

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