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Disques Sinthomme 005—The Apollo Heights EP



Disques Sinthomme fifth release is a rather stunning EP from Apollo Heights. Identical twins Danny and Daniel Chavis formed Apollo Heights in 2002. Their sonic alchemy is a soulful aggregate of Balearic vibes, grinding acid rock and lyric new romanticism. Driven by Danny’s guitar washes and Daniel’s falsetto voice, Apollo Heights fashions a dream state where soulful southern vibes meet sleazy European ennui. Having toured with the Cocteau Twins, Oasis, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and TV on the Radio, Apollo Heights have developed a stunning stage presence to compliment their studio acumen. Both "Sad Cabaret" and "Reverie" are emblematic of the Apollo Heights sound, searing vocals, fluid guitar work, meaningful lyrics and a distinct mood emanate from each of these original gems. For this EP Disques Sinthomme has enlisted two heavyweights for remix duties Phil Mison and Max Essa. Phil Mison is one of the creators of the Café del Mar sound and a legendary Balearic DJ and producer. Through his own productions and work as Cantoma, and his collaborative work with Pete Herbert (Reverso 68) he has developed a distinct chromatic style. His work on "Sad Cabaret" lifts the song into a shimmering bounce that brings the lilt of the original to a dancefloor boil.

Tokyo resident Max Essa took on his remix of Reverie right after the devastating earthquake/tsunami in Sendai. His mix reflects the intensity of those events and emphasizes the lyric urgency of the song. Max’s track “Back to the Beach” was one of the great tracks of 2008 and he has continued with stellar work on his Jansen Jardin label, as well as the Need Want and Is It Balearic labels. His treatment of the song brings a characteristic tonal dynamic to the track. Reset in a minor key the song has a Bowie like vibe. You can pick up the 4-track EP right now.

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