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Dope Den Productions x W San Francisco = Ruse


Dope Den Productions and APT Entertainment are getting ready to kick off a new monthly series at the W San Francisco dubbed Ruse. The first one is this week on Thursday, October 6 from 8 pm to 1 am. And there’s no cover charge, but if you want a table you should probably make reservations. Each monthly installment will of course be DJ driven, but it’s going to be delivered with a twist. For instance, Mark Farina and Jay-J will be the music talent on opening night, but don’t expect an obvious Farina house set or “Mushroom Jazz” sounds. The genres are wide open for the DJs to do as they please. Music will also come in interactive formats—think free iPhone and Android applications. Musical themes for future installments include “Battle of the DJ Divas,” Grape-Vining” and Love Network.” Speaking of Love Network, I just discovered the video below. Good stuff, indeed. Anywho…


If specialty cocktails are your thing we’re told each event will have a signature drink for the night. The first one is coming from Australia’s three-time mixology champion Will Cabantog. It’s called “The EVEangelist.” Not the most masculine of drinks, but the ladies should be into it. Vanilla vodka infused with white chocolate, muddled with passion fruit pulp, ruby red grapefruit and pineapple served with a flaming piece of passion fruit and a white chocolate rim. The Facebook event page is here.


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