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Eats Everything “Eats Everything” EP (dirtybird Records)

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Up and coming Bristol native Eats Everything solidifies the dirtybird Records, Bristol and San Francisco connection with a diverse two track release deep enough to stay in your crate for a while. Already making noise with a previous dirtybird release, as well as a track with Catz N Dogz, this upcoming EP shows that Eats Everything is going to be a heavy hitter in the dance world for some time to come.

“The Size” is the standout primetime hitter that fits perfectly in dirtybird’s list of mega-anthems. It’s a combination of deep bass, swooping claps, vocal samples, and a corkscrew breakdown that will leave dancefloors wondering “what is really going on?” This is definitely a track that will stand out in a set, so play it exactly when the time is right. On the flip, “Whatever, Whatever” is a little groovier and less heavy than “The Size,” but still hits nonetheless. A catchy female vocal loop and retro-electro drums work well to hold the track together and the result is a house track than can work from lounge to big room.

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Even if you cop this for one track, you’re sure to get use out of the other at some point, which is always a plus when shopping for wax.


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