Exclusive Download Of “Ah Music” By Machine


This is courtesy of Le Branché. Machine is a brand new project coming from Rob English and Jean Marc Virard, a few of the guys from the band De Signer. BTW, Jamie JonesHot Creations label recently released the “Suicide Girl” EP by De Signer. It’s a good one if you haven’t heard it. You can pick it up via Beatport here. English (from the south side of Chicago) and Virard (coming from France) just started this Machine project and “Ah Music” is one of their first tunes. I’m into it…the two obviously appreciate Detroit techno and Chicago House. And I appreciate their modern re-visioning of classic styles. “True skool disko,” as they put it. If that works for you, it works for me—I like what I hear so far. Thanks for creating Machine. More please.


Machine "Ah Music" (Abstract RMX)

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