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Fatboy Slim Is Bringing Back The Big Beach Bootique



I’ve been listening to EDM long enough, but given the fact that Brighton is pretty far from Los Angeles (and expensive to get to too), I never had the opportunity to hit up Mr. Cook’s get together. Bummer. It always sounded like a good one. For those closer, or if you have deeper pockets than I, the Big Beach Bootique is back and it’s going down at the Amex Stadium on the 1st and 2nd of June in 2012.

The idea for the event is to showcase the evolution of electronic music from its inception right up to what’s happening today. He’ll kick things off with the inimitable heavyweight Carl Cox on Friday and following up the next day with the dubstep duo Nero.

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For those poor souls out there that will not be able to attend next year (put me in that group—unless I get my “Bring Magnetic To Brighton” Kickstarter campaign going soon) fear not, there will be plenty of free music to enjoy. Like this Halloween mix tape.

Halloween Mix

Seems a little crazy, but you can actually buy tickets right now.

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