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Father’s Lock Up Your Daughters—Bombs And Bottles Are Here

That is unless you want the man that goes by B&B to swoon them into his bedroom. Harrison Zafrin is the man behind Bombs and Bottles and we've gotta say, he comes off a bit like the Usher of electronic music. If anyone has been searching for baby making electro music we have it here for you today. Bomb and Bottles is a New York based electro pop outfit preparing to release a five track EP titled “Tonight.” There’s no firm release date yet, but look for it in next few weeks. The concept behind the EP chronicles a night from both a male and female perspective, starting with the first encounter, talking the night away, filling that jar of lust, topping off with a one night hook-up, cute, right? The EP has a little bit of house, pop, electro and dubstep—all within five tracks. Today, B&B released the first single “When the Lights go Out,” which is clearly a sex song to sweetly bang a girl to before you ditch her the next morning. The track is engaging, the drops are smooth, the dubstep portion is the best part, but I could do without the vocals. Take a listen and let me know what you think of the track.


Bombs And Bottles “When the Lights go Out”

Here's a DJ mix:

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