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Free Download Of “The Game” By Bombs and Bottles


A little over a week ago, I introduced Magnetic readers to a new artist, Bombs and Bottles (Harrison Zafrin). Late last week Bombs and Bottles released a new track from the upcoming EP “Tonight” titled “The Game.” It's the new track that follows the chase in the club between the guy and the girl. Remember, the EP describes a wild night between a guy and a girl from both perspectives. Listening to the track, I could play out the encounter in my head. Seeing the girl being flirtatious, slightly teasing, as the boy is captivated and refuses to take his eyes off her. Actually, it’s quite radical. “The Game” is a solid track, the mixture of electro and house club sounds work, it should’ve been the first single released in favor of the EP. “When the Lights Go Out” contains clean drops and dubstep sections but after listening to “The Game,” I’m more thrilled to hear the upcoming EP in its entirety and chronological order. You should take a listen and try to create a music video in your own brain.

"The Game"

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