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Free Track From The Bronx-Born 80’s Baby, Gordon Voidwell—Plus William S. Burroughs' Style Video

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I’m pretty excited about Gordon Voidwell’s upcoming debut album, Leap Into The Void. Everything I’ve heard so far, which isn’t much, has been damn interesting. I hear that the Bronx-born 80’s baby produced every track on the album, sang every vocal nuance and played every instrument—except for a Vernon Reid (of Living Colour fame) guitar solo on a track called “New Number Old Trick.” Anywho, until the album drops in early Spring 2012 here’s a little something something called “MalcomXXXMcLaren.” It's just a teaser for a mixtape project featuring non-album tracks and remixes that'll come out on December 1. “MalcolmXXXMclaren” is a pretty awesome name too, btw! And the video below is pretty special—gotta love the hip-hop sampling/remixing nod and William S. Burroughs' "Cut-Ups" influence. Good stuff, indeed. If this teaser is a hint at things to come expect some no wave, electro-funk, disco, rap and post punk all woven together for the dancefloor. After “MalcolmXXXMclaren” Dec 1 it’s “ID-EGO-SUPEREGO” and “Black on Black Murder.”



Hey New York peeps Gordon Voidwell has a few CMJ showcases:

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