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Free Track From The Bronx-Born 80’s Baby, Gordon Voidwell—Plus William S. Burroughs' Style Video


I’m pretty excited about Gordon Voidwell’s upcoming debut album, Leap Into The Void. Everything I’ve heard so far, which isn’t much, has been damn interesting. I hear that the Bronx-born 80’s baby produced every track on the album, sang every vocal nuance and played every instrument—except for a Vernon Reid (of Living Colour fame) guitar solo on a track called “New Number Old Trick.” Anywho, until the album drops in early Spring 2012 here’s a little something something called “MalcomXXXMcLaren.” It's just a teaser for a mixtape project featuring non-album tracks and remixes that'll come out on December 1. “MalcolmXXXMclaren” is a pretty awesome name too, btw! And the video below is pretty special—gotta love the hip-hop sampling/remixing nod and William S. Burroughs' "Cut-Ups" influence. Good stuff, indeed. If this teaser is a hint at things to come expect some no wave, electro-funk, disco, rap and post punk all woven together for the dancefloor. After “MalcolmXXXMclaren” Dec 1 it’s “ID-EGO-SUPEREGO” and “Black on Black Murder.”



Hey New York peeps Gordon Voidwell has a few CMJ showcases:

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