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Free Trumpdisco DJ Mix Plus 2011 Euro Tour Dates Broadcasted Live

It’s insane how a year can completely transform a life, especially in the music industry. For Trumpdisco, the Australian natives have taken the electronic scene by storm with their refusal to settle and continue to blow music listeners away. With the release of their Trumpdisco EP, via Common Trolls, Trumpdisco erupted the nations of New Zealand and South East Asia in 2010. Now they’re gearing up to release their second EP this month in October and invade the nations that adore them most, the United Kingdom and Europe starting in November. Despite the fact that Trumpdisco isn’t coming to a venue near us (cough, cough, Los Angeles) the majority of the European shows will broadcast live to fans on their Facebook page. Sick, I know. It doesn’t end there, besides the awaited release of their new EP Trumpdisco will drop brand new remixes from artists like Deekline and Mylo. Like I mentioned earlier Trumpdisco refuses to settle or kickback, the guys even started dropping 30-minute mixes in September, which will continue on until November. The three 30-minute mixes will be combined into a 90-minute mix that will leave listeners with an insane overdose of musical greatness. Honestly, I’ve listened to the entire hour of Trumpdisco’s Triple J Mix Exclusive on SoundCloud and allow me to inform you these guys are legit. I’m quite impressed and respect artists who can mix all forms of electronic music into a set because it keeps listeners amped. Their remixes are quite innovative; I adore their niche for being innovative in creating an entire new sound to an original song. You should definitely keep an eye on Trumpdisco because they’re just getting started. You can download the Trumpdisco Triple J Mix Exclusive by the guys below. Enjoy!


Triple J Mix

Euro Dates:

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