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If The Sound Of The Bluebrain Doesn’t Tickle Your Fancy, Just Keep Walking

Back in May, Washington DC based duo Bluebrain (Hays and Ryan Holladay) introduced the world to the first location aware album—an app for smartphones that uses Global Positioning System (GPS) technology that triggers sound waves of music to play based on a physical location of the listener. The first site-specific app-album, “The National Mall” only worked for iPhones and iPads in Washington’s monuments and museums. Today, the guys have released a second site-specific app-album for Central Park in New York City called, “Listen to the Lights.” It sounds nerdy but it’s quite exquisite if you think about it. Just imagine walking into Central Park and experiencing more than a walk in the park. Grab your iPhone or iPad, download the Central Park “Listen to the Lights” app and allow the music to influence you’re perspective of Central Park. Based on physical location the music changes between the zones people transition to throughout the park. Listeners will hear all types of music, from drumming, to eloquent violins, to dark organ melodies; it heightens the abilities that technology offers. It’s quite brilliant if you ask me. This completely changes the thought process of what an album should be in the music industry. It allows complete musical freedom because the music is constantly changing as the listener changes paths in location. This creation has been a success for Bluebrain because the guys have been commissioned to create works for the Smithsonian, Corcoran & Philips Collection and California Pacific Coast Highway. Hopefully this will influence other artists to dive into something completely innovation. Now, this makes me want an iPhone even more.


The Making of “Listen to the Light”

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