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Major Lazer is back with “The Original Don” EP

After the huge success of “Guns Don’t Kill People…Lazer’s Do” and the “Lazer’s Never Die” EP, Major Lazer, the collaboration between DJ Producers Diplo and Switch, is donning their return with a new EP available through Mad Decent/Interscope on November 1st. “The Original Don” EP will feature more of the duo’s futuristic take on the electronic dancehall scene. Spin has already commented on the title track (which features The Partysquad) as a “straight, four-on-the-floor electro-house banger.” The track loads on all the extra toppings, too. You’ve got your dancehall drums, horns and bass alongside the signature sound effects such as lazers, guns, cash registers and cheering crowds. Also included on the EP are some remixes, one of which comes from the Italian duo Crookers. “The Original Don” EP is a taste of what’s to come for one of the most highly anticipated releases of 2012. Peep the track here.

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