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New Buraka Som Sistema Video Today—“Komba” Album In November

Portugal’s Buraka Som Sistema return to the music scene with the release of their music video “(We Stay) Up All Night,” which features a cameo from past collaborator Diplo. The single is from the guys highly anticipated second studio album Komba via Enchufada Records, which is set to release November 8th here in the States. For the past 11 months the guys of Burka Som Sistema slowly handcrafted this album, which sets an exploration of the borders of life and death. The word Komba reigns from an Angolan religious ritual, which is celebrated seven days after someone passes. Relatives and friends gather to honor the deceased by enjoying all the things that person found happiness with, from food, music and stories. It’s basically the biggest party a person will ever have, which is ironic because it’s when you die. The guys are gearing up to play a few sets here in the States. One in Los Angeles and another in San Francisco. Watch the video and enjoy the ass shaking. Then go see them live.

  1. Fri, Oct 14 @ Echoplex in Los Angeles, CA

  2. Sat, Oct 15 @ Treasure Island Music Festival 2011 in San Francisco, CA

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