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One Pig, By Matthew Herbert—The Story Behind The Album

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Can I just say that Matthew Herbert is one badass dude. Whether or not you like his music there’s no denying guy is exceptionally creative (avant-garde?). For the final installment of Herbert's “One Trilogy” (three albums, each about one thing) Matthew takes an offal approach to making music. One Pig, as the last one is dubbed, is just what it sounds like—an album made entirely from recordings of a modern pig's life cycle—the birth, the life, the butchery and consumption.


Did you hear about the whole PETA controversy surrounding this album? The knuckleheads rushed to condemn the album as making “entertainment” from animal cruelty and are attempting to prevent the release of the record. Some people.

Micachu remix of "December"

One Pig track listing:

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Matthew Herbert released One Pig today.Pick it up on his Accidental Records label. Or via iTunes.

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