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Philadelphia: Gabriel & Dresden At Rumor


Rumor Nightclub is Philadelphia’s newest joint. Rumor strives to provide an atmosphere that as of now was unrivaled in the Philadelphia area. Partygoers will have a tough time locating it because of the inconspicuous location in the bottom of the Philadelphia Weekly building. There is no outside labeling of the club, just a line and some of the most cordial bouncers I have ever met in my time in Philly (shout out to Reggie Miller and the door crew). Wander down the pseudo Victorian hallway (mom’s an interior designer, respect) to a marble staircase that leads you to a room lit like hell, lots and lots of red, no one will deny that. But the atmosphere is certainly not hellish. The bar is under-lit with red tones and the bottles glow with the same hue. The VIP entrance is guarded by an old bank vault, it’s got an old-school vibe. Then mosey around the corner and you have a room that can hold at most 200 people, maybe a few more. The capacity certainly doesn’t take away from the atmosphere of dancing your face off at an EDM show, it adds to the intimacy of the event. The ceiling is scattered with an LED grid that is sure to impress the avid club goer. They have what seems to be the standard now, a CO2 fog machine; let’s just say that system can use a little work but we don’t go to shows to be sprayed with gasses, we go to dance.

Now that you have the club in your mind, let me try to inject the music into your head. After a well-done opening set by house DJ Mike Myers, Gabriel & Dresden took the stage. Gabriel & Dresden are back together on their reunion tour since they parted ways in 2008. G&B haven’t lost it. Like always they took their time warming up the crowd that was responsive since the first beat hit. Their sound could be heard throughout the club attracting more and more listeners. They seem to have been following trend with the rest of the EDM artists by putting their own spin on an R.E.M. track. I think that trend may be dying off [hopefully], but it went off without a hitch and was done with much taste, so I can’t knock them for it. They continued to lay down progressive and melodic beats throughout the night, playing off the momentum of the crowd. Towards the end of their almost 2-hour set they brought some classics, such as: Boston’s “More Than a Feeling” and put a sick retro beat behind The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby.” I’m usually not a fan of remixed tracks that my Dad used to listen to in high school, but they put their own trancy-electro spin on it and the crowd absolutely loved the two remixes. So, take that Dad.

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The night was a success both for the music lovers as well as the artists. I hope Gabriel & Dresden feel the same way, or else I’ll start calling them Dresden & Gabriel. Hmm maybe that’s why they separated...

Respect, Josh and Dave, glad I witnessed that show.

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