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Steve Angello Tears Up America’s Capital—Glow Was The Epicenter


All photography by Glow

In a city built upon governance and law it is hard to escape reality in Washington D.C. and let something foreign take over one’s self. Early Sunday morning Steve Angello of Swedish House Mafia did just that—he took over.

The weather was anything but acceptable, summer felt like it was officially over and Mother Nature decided to drop buckets of rain upon the Capital. Despite the horrid weather, droves of people were eagerly waiting their admittance to Glow's night dubbed "Fur," which is playing host to some of the best world-renown acts in the coming months. The venue is nothing like I have ever seen before, in terms of atmosphere, but the layout is pretty typical “club,” sunken dancefloor, raised VIP, etc. The ceiling and walls are decorated with moons and star-like figures, LEDs and lasers that would make Tron jealous, speakers hanging from every direction enveloping the crowd in an ocean of music, and my favorite, the smoke machine that pours on the crowd from over-head as soon as the beat drops. Mother Nature, who?

As the opening DJ was warming people up with a great set of house and electro, the fans knew they were in for an monumental morning. As the opener began to slow down around midnight, the crowd began to swell, they knew it was about to go down, hard. Steve Angello took the racks by storm and the crowd went wild, screaming fans, arms in the air, (and yes, some fist pumping—it’s expected), and drinks being disregarded, because we’re here to dance and experience, not hydrate and forget. For all you haters out there, he was doing it sans headphones, and still laying it down with perfection, and for proof, Glow and Steve took the initiative to set up what they called the “hater cam” which would stream his show live over a Ustream broadcast. I’m not sure what the beef is between Steve and his “haters” but hopefully they tuned in to learn a thing or two. I got your back Steve. Angello was mixing everything from Adelle to Avicii and then back around to historic R.E.M. He set the crowd loose with an absolutely absurd rendition of “Save the World Tonight,” if you weren’t screaming along, you might as well have went home and went to bed because chances are it was past your bedtime anyway. The arsenal that Steve had Sunday morning was unrivaled and the crowd let him know.

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There were around 2500 people packed on the dancefloor and not one of them stood idle for the epic 5-hour set which went until about 5 am (exact numbers and figures may vary, it was a dance party people, c’mon). The crowd wasn’t the only perceptive ones in the room, Angello also was very discerning, at one point calling out two morons in the crowd that decided it was time to have an argument. Angello quickly put an end to that, and was commended with a roaring applause. As his set ran down, the crowd didn’t lose any of there energy and could’ve went for hours longer, but he played for 5 hours, well into the morning, and there is probably some silly law that they had to abide, dammit America.

This show was a concrete example of why an exclamation point at the end of “We fucking sold out MSG in 10 minutes” is needed. It was a flawless follow up to a historic sellout and he is only 1/3 or 33.33% of the super-trio. Imagine what is going to happen at Madison Square Garden when all three of them show up to lay it down at the same time, I think they may have started construction on MSG too soon, because they are going to blow the place up. It’s a shame that I didn’t have the opportunity to ask Steve some questions about the responsiveness of the crowd or how he felt about selling out MSG in 10 minutes, but his set did all the talking that I needed. If he is ever within a 6-hour travel time, it’s worth the hassle, if there is any. Well done Mr. Angello, well done indeed.

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