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The Phenomenal Handclap Band Play NYC with Horse Meat Disco—Plus Free MP3 for “Following”


Photo by Jeremy Harris

“Following” by The Phenomenal Handclap Band

“Following,” is off The Phenomenal Handclap Band’s upcoming Form & Control album, which will land at the end of January via Tim “Love” Lee’s Tummy Touch Records. For New Yorkers, the band will also be playing for the first time since their tour with Bryan Ferry. It’s all going down at Tummy Touch Records' 15th Anniversary Party on November 23rd at Hiro Ballroom. They will perform along with Horse Meat Disco and Bing Ji Ling, and the night will include DJ sets by Tummy Touch founder Tim “Love” Lee and other special guests.

“Following” finds the group taking the next step forward from the cosmic disco-funk and international, psychedelic soul of their critically acclaimed debut album. The cut was written in NYC while dancing at David Mancuso's legendary Loft Party and inspired by the sounds of Human League, Chic and Fern Kinney. Sean Marquand, writer and co-producer of the song, recalls:

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At a truly great dance party, there is a moment when you can feel a certain energy take off in the room.  You can look around and see that everyone is in to the exact same thing at the exact same moment—its a unifying force.  The song is directed toward all of those who might want to join that moment and experience the same spirit.

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