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Valmont “Beat Industry” (9 AM Records)



What is it about the French that allows them to take a genre, add their own touch and turn it into something uniquely their own while still preserving the original integrity feel of the initial source? From French house kings Daft Punk to the beat prince Onra, they have mastered the difficult art of innovation and preservation. Valmont is continuing in that tradition with his first release on 9am Records, “Beat Industry.” It’s a simple cut and dry three song release, and doesn’t need much else to make it a sure shot. It’s pure breakbeat electro with a French twist. Thumping drums, chopped vocal samples, an arpeggiator sprinkled in and basslines that have had way too many le Big Macs all come together to throw a retro authenticity into modern sounds.

The title track is a good intro of what’s to come, mellow enough for an early set, but just hype enough to get people on the dancefloor. “Brother Revenge” is the stand out banger, with a party break feel that might even work in mainstream clubs if the DJ knows what time it is. “Let Your Down” is also drum heavy, but just enough sex is added to make it work in a more house driven set.

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Out on October 28, 2011 on 9pm records.

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