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Welcome To Rio de Janeiro—Felguk’s Personal Vector On The World Map


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Felguk hasn’t been on the scene for very long, but the Brazilian duo is quickly making a name for themselves. Officially a team in '07 by '09 Felipe Lozinsky and Gustavo A. Rozenthal had Madonna personally calling them about a remix. From there it's gone from strength to strength with the duo playing in front of 30,000 in Brazil shortly after that and before they new it Insomniac used their hit single "2nite" as the theme song for the Electric Daisy Carnival and they were doing remixes for David Guetta, and Black Eyes Peas and their original productions were dominating the Beatport top 10. Currently the duo is working on a yet to be titled release which will come out later this year via Dongle Records. It's either going to be a single, or a 2 track EP. Speaking of EPs, their tune "Blow Out" was recently remixed by Lazy Rich, Electrixx, David Amo & Julio Navas and Heartman Chess, and that EP should be out in about a month or so. You can pick up the OG via Beatport here. Rumor has it that next year they'll be co-headlines a bus tour with Zedd and they've got a potential game deal with EA Sports and the Fifa franchise licensing two tracks, “Plastic Smile,” and an unreleased tune “Move it Right.” Life is good if you're these two.

Welcome to Rio de Janeiro as seen through the eyes of Felguk...

Unleash The Scary Side (Felguk Mashup)


Attitude Of Populace:

Cariocas (a native of Rio de Janeiro) are very interesting beings. Furious on traffic, and chilled on the beach. Super loud when drinking their beers in bars and very quiet when listening bossa-nova music. They have no active political posture, so the politicians can do whatever they want unpunished because the most he will get is some comments on Facebook. Slightly arrogant yet very charming, and kinda lazy.

Favorite Hangout:


Lagoa (The Lagoon). This is one of the most beautiful and peaceful place in Rio. It’s an oasis between the urban landscape. Its the best place to kill time without blowing the bank. Its the best place to take a visiting friend out to.

Winning Restaurant:

Sushi Gavea: Rua Marquês de São Vicente, 115 Gávea


A sushi place that looks cheap from the outside, but just has this big character when you go inside. It’s one of the smallest restaurants I’ve ever been, and the food is wonderful.

I Love:


Carnival. About 2 weeks of street party. People of all ages dressed up in costumes (or not) and getting drunk (except the kids). The block the street and sing classic Brazilian tunes. Its very hard not to join the happy drunk crowd on the streets. I have tried and failed.

I Loathe:


Police. They are violent and corrupt. If I get pulled over by a police officer, even if I have all my documents ok, it kinda freaks me out.

Most Absurd Event I’ve Witnessed:


Street takeover by the people when Brazil won the world cup in 1994. It was like carnival times 10.

Best Place To People Watch:


There are many of those in Rio. I’d say go watch the sunset at Ipanema beach and just chill.

Winning Bar:


Baixo Gavea is a bar complex where the beautiful golden skinned youth of Rio gather to socialize. You many find the love of your life there.

Best Coffee Shop:

Cafeina:Rua Farme de Amoedo, Rio de Janeiro


The best place for breakfast in Rio. And thank god we don’t have potatoes on breakfast like the Americans—that’s gross!

Favorite Place To Take A Date Out:


Pedalinho, a pedal boat ride in the Lagoa (The Lagoon). Be careful! She may never leave you alone after that!

Place Visiting Friends Most Want To See:

Recommended Articles

The usual touristic spots. But they always like it better the cool secret spots of the city that I take them.

The Best Place To See The Sunset:


Sunset at Ipanema Beach is great. You get to see the hippies clapping to the sun.

The Best Place To See The Sunrise:


Sunrise at Copacabana Beach because the sun comes out of the water right in front of you!

Hometown Hero:


Romario, the soccer player. Not only for his ability as an athlete, but for his very typical Carioca (person born in Rio) style of behavior. The Carioca feels that he is a little bit smarter than the others, in a slightly arrogant yet charming way. Some of his interviews are hilarious, like when we was commenting back on a criticism Pelé had done of him earlier, he stated: Pelé with his mouth shut is a poet!

Best Live Music:

Circo Voador:Rua dos Arcos, S/N, Lapa, Rio de Janeiro


This is a very nice venue—its partially open-air. You don’t see the really big acts, but it’s the home of the alternative acts out there.

Best Hotel:


Copacabana Palace is the hotel where all the big celebrities stay. What they don’t know is that Copacabana was the coolest beach in Rio in the 50s, 60s, 70s, but now the best spot is Ipanema. But they don’t really care since they usually don’t go for a walk anyways.

Favorite Local Artist:


I’d say Jorge Ben Jor. One of the classic Brazilian composers. Creator of the samba-funk, he is the only one who can be compared to Bob Marley in terms of how much of their music is played by amateur guitar players on the streets, vacation camps and teen drunk meet ups around Brazil.

Take[typography font="Permanent Marker" size="24" size_format="px"]On The Weather:

Phenomenal. Every time I get back to Rio from a tour, I am like Wow, this place is really beautiful and I just take it for granted! Mountains, forests, beaches, tropical environment, and yeah, the Lagoa.

Posture Of Police:


Creepy as hell. Corrupt, sometimes high on cocaine. They stop you (sometimes already pointing a gun at you like you were some dangerous criminal) so that they can find some irregularity on you or your vehicle, and its almost like they scream Bingoo!. And then you’re screwed. But, if you give them whatever you have on your wallet, they let you go! How messed up is that!?

The City Is Most Alive On:


Carnival week in February/March.

The City Is Dead On:

Holidays. Not the big ones, because in the big ones the city is flooded by tourists, but in the small ones everyone just travels to nearby city on the hills or in quieter beaches.

Favorite Walk:

I actually just rented a house in one of my favorite spots in the city. The elven town is how I call it, it’s a bucolic set of streets and ramps, filled with houses and small buildings. It’s like a small town within Rio, but it’s also very close to where the party happens.

Favorite Market:
Normandia:Vila Valqueire, Castelo, Rio de Janeiro


A small convenience store in the neighborhood of Laranjeiras, where you can buy the best breads, cheeses, sauces, and brownies.

Felguk "Jack It"

Felguk vs Example "Plastic Smile"

Mason "Exceeder" (Felguk remix)

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