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Azari & III's Alixander III Goes Dark And Dirty On His Solo Debut

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Here’s a little heads up on the debut solo release from Alixander III on Get The Curse Music. Unless you’ve had your head buried in some sorta soundproof chamber—scratch that, even those of you living in a cave for the last couple of years—chances are Azari & III, the production duo from Toronto, rings a bell. If you like things dark (I do!) and edgy (ditto!) this is one nasty EP. Discerning DJs will surely appreciate what’s going on here. For those that fall for the clichés of mainstream dance music, grab your sack, get some confidence and unleash this sound.


The EP features three original cuts, “Dichtschlamm”, “Belebtschlamm” and “Schlick” and are backed by two quality remixes. Reworking “Dichtschlamm” and debuting their new Hold Youth moniker are Seuil and Le Loup. Getting to grips with “Belebtschlamm” is Barcelona's brightest new talent, Sischi Rosch.

Have a listen to the release:

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