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Business Never Quits For The Ladies Of NERVO


In case you haven’t noticed, there are two Australian girls currently taking the EDM world by storm. Sisters Liv and Mim Nervo (yes Nervo is their surname) write, produce, remix, sing, DJ and collaborate with some of the hottest acts in the world and have had bodies moving non-stop on dancefloors from Escape From Wonderland, Identity Fest and Tomorrowland to name but a few. The duo,  now signed to EMI records, recently released their debut track “We’re All No One,” featuring Afrojack and Steve Aoki. If you haven’t heard the killer remix by the talented Hook N Sling, pick it up—it’s the ultimate jam. They’re also on Aoki’s upcoming album, which is set for release in December. Don’t think Nervo are strangers to the music industry, though, for years they’ve served as behind-the-scene geniuses creating stellar songs for current music sensations like Ke$ha, Kylie Minogue, David Guetta (check “Night Of Your Life,” featuring Jennifer Hudson), Kelly Roland, The Pussycat Dolls (next single “Try With Me” is set for release via Interscope within a week), they’ve written for Avicii’s next single “Let Me Show You Love” and the list continues—they basically have a PHD in music. Aside from promoting their current track and music video for “We’re All No One,” Nervo is getting ready to release a new track titled “Army” which features appearances by Ned Shepard and Sultan with R&B artist Omarion on the vocals. In 2012 the ladies will be on the bill for Australia’s Summadayze and Brazil’s Creamfields in January. Clearly, business never quits with the ladies of Nervo. BTW, Mim has seen a fortuneteller twice in her life and Liv has OCD.


“We’re All No One” (Autoerotique RMX)

We have worked with a lot of balding fat men who dont want to or cant be artists but who are incredibly talented. I worry about these guys in the game...

How would you describe your sound to a deaf person?
I'd probably jump around like a looney—afterall they wouldn't be able to hear me (cause they're deaf) so I'd have to role-play it out right...? Our music is free (in feeling), mostly electronic these days (not that the deaf person would care about that) and most of all it's true... true to emotion/feeling.

What was your favorite toy as a child and when/why did you stop playing with it?
Humphrey B Bear. Our nonna Laura gave us a Humphrey B Bear each for Christmas when we were about 4 years old. We brought them everywhere until the stuffing started to spill out of their nose, that's when mum managed to distract us with something else—a real life guinea pig.

Any colorful incidents involving a fan?
Just recently some fans dressed up as Nervo for Halloween. We thought that was pretty cool. The attention to detail in their fashion sense was second to none. They even made some portable decks. Ha!

Favor us with a moment in life that changed the course of, or defined, your aesthetic philosophy.
Got my heart broken and bounced back—is that cliché?

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Your creative arc. Alpha to omega, go.
We start ideas for songs on the road all the time, whether it's a lyric, a melody, a riff, etc... But for us the real magic happens when we can lock ourselves in a room for at least 5-hours at a time and dive into a song. Oh, and we normally fuel ourselves with lots of coffee—we love a coffee.

The movement from CD to MP3 was a big paradigm shift in the music biz. Crystal ball time. What will be the next big shake up? How are you going to come out on top?
We can't fight technology so the real challenge is keeping up with it. MP3s are fine but piracy is a problem. The writers and producers that work behind the artists are not being paid what they need to be. We need to find a way to spread the money more evenly so these brilliant people can survive and the less “commercial” artists can survive too. We have worked with a lot of balding fat men who don't want to or can't be artists but who are incredibly talented. I worry about these guys in the game... Right now Nervo is enjoying being the artists themselves so less to worry about for ourselves I guess—still feel worried for the creative beings behind the scenes though.

Do you think there are any commonly held societal beliefs that are false?
Does coffee really give you cellulite? We drink a load of coffee and I'm happy with my cellulite situation, maybe it's a genetic thing instead.



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