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Chasing Kurt “Money" EP (Good Ratio Music)

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When I first heard the term “intimate music” on the Good Ratio Music one sheet that was attached to this release, I immediately assumed that it would probably be a single that would never get any productive dancefloor time.  I was wrong.

After a quick read, I learned that the Good Ratio Music label is brought to us by the same guys who started the Neovinyl moniker a few years back.  That said, when they say “intimate,” they don’t mean a lesbian playing a guitar in some dim lit coffee shop; they mean giving the recording artist 100% autonomy in creating a personalized course in inner creativity.  Judging by Chasing Kurt’s release, this method is off to a good start.

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The "Money" EP is a three-track release, with two originals and a title track remix by Tom Ellis.  “Money” is a pure and simple deep house knocker. It’s the type of track you drop coming out of a stretched out organic percussion break that’s put the club in hypnotic daze.  The crowd is sweaty, out of breath and completely in the dance.  Cue lights, in drops Lukas Poloczek’s vocals from “Money” and the relief is sent spiraling through the club in a split second.   Play this at the right temperature at the right time and you’re going to make someone’s trip real good.  The Elliis remix speeds it up a bit and lightens the mood with some chopped vocals and quirky guitar samples.  The b-side, “Reflecting Love” is a more traditional house groover with soulful vocals laid over a 4 x floor beat and sequenced pops and synths.

Overall it’s a great deep house record that will definitely get some spins around the clubs this winter.

Release Date: December 5, 2011.

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