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Club Flyers: Sewer Art Or Cultural Cipher?


I found this flyer in my underpants after a hard night of clubbing long, long ago when the Earth was still a child. I found it, along with a veritable pirate’s bounty of odd and displaced cultural artifacts (or crap) when I recently made the questionable choice of moving back to Los Angeles.

What do you think, cultural cipher or sewer art? Whatever you call it, club flyers are a sticky chop up of art, party and commerce; three elements that even the most optimistic of mouseketeers would readily admit constitute a dangerous, ill-tempered ménage a trios.

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Now I’m no art historian, those were the stupid people in college; however here’s what the flyer says to me.

Yes, “says.”

Achtung! Achtung! Look deep deep DEEP into my eyes, human! I command you to open yourself to the domination of my Mind Power. Those tarot card-reading, dark chocolate-eating feminists are correct when they say: “Cats ARE more intelligent than dogs, because they don’t answer when you call their name.” We have our own agenda. Those same women, although ignorant as to the extent of our sinister machinations, are to serve as our willing slaves whilst we install ourselves as Earth’s master species! We have watched you degenerate into mindless zombies, watching Sweating to the Oldies and eating your filthy fried chicken! The time of reckoning has grown nigh! Focus on the runes inscribed on my head and you will be imbued with the collective unconsciousness of all house cats since the dawn of time. It will allow you to decipher the secret message upon the tablet that I hold in my paw…  and perhaps the first letter of the event this flyer is advertising. Echo my salute! Felis Domesticus UBER ALLES!

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