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Death By Disco—On The Fly Beat Juggling



Did you know that Lupe Fiasco is a post punk band called Japanese Cartoon? Here's a few of their tracks: "Crowd Participation" and "Heirplanes" and "All Sabotage." It's a side project Fiasco does with Le Messie, founder of the clothing brands False and Better Off Dead and Fallacy of Rome. Le Messie is also Death By Disco, which is what I'm really showing you here. Check the videos below.

This controllerism routine was created with 2 of the same tracks on both deck A & B. 4 cue points are individually set independently for each deck making a total of 8 cue points that are then trigger manipulated on the fly in a non-quantize beat juggle simulated reconstruction.

The VCI 100 SE (Arcade) is a custom made midi controller that replace the standard buttons with arcade Sanwa buttons, they create a quick response to triggering and are bomb proof. The FX is set to Fader FX mode and are manipulated by various faders on the controller.

Death By Disco vs. Skrillex "Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites" (Noisia Remix)

Death By Disco vs. Daft Punk "Robot Rock"

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And because i mentioned Le Messie's clothing, I figured you should see this. It's the making of a False tee. They produce 90% of their goods vertically in-house, in Singapore.

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