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Escort “Escort” (Escort Records)



After almost 6 years, several hot singles and remixes, and an intense New York buzz, Escort has released their first full length self titled LP. Founded by Eugene Cho and Dan Balls, Escort is a Brooklyn based, self proclaimed “Disco Orchestra” fronted by vocalist Adeline Michele, helping to make up at total of 17 members. Their sound pulls deeply from disco and house roots, but has enough innovation and originality to sound completely fresh and new.

There’s always some apprehension about a dance music act full-length release, especially if the act’s first single was released 6 years prior. Escort puts the fears at ease by coming through with an album that moves forward while preserving the bands original sound. Escort remixed, re-mastered, rearranged, and re-recorded all of the singles, helping the album sound as if it was recorded over a few studio sessions, not at few years. So instead of a dance LP that lacks direction and focus, Escort gives us one that works conceptually, aesthetically, and most importantly, sonically.

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The album has four brand new tracks. The first track “Caméleon Chameleon” sets the album up perfectly with soda pop Fanta vocals, synth horn solos, and Italo-esque sounds. The dancefloor oriented “Why or Why” and “Make Over” are nu-disco heaters that hit hard and are strong enough to stand as singles on their own. “A Sailboat in the Moonlight” is an ambitious attempt to connect a Billie Holiday classic to the underlying Kid Creole and Ian Dury influences on the album, but seems to fall just a little short. Altogether though, when you add in the time-tested singles with the new album cuts, Escort put together a solid LP that delivers on any hype.

Yes, this is a dance album, but what makes it stand out is that it is also an album you can dance to. It’s a little kitschy here and there, but do you really want your disco any other way?

Out on Itunes now, with a full LP/CD release January 31st, 2012. Purchase via the band's website.

“Caméleon Chameleon” (club mix)

“Make Over”

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