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Free Trumpdisco Track “Love In A Cold Climate”

Are you ready for a brain glitch? Despite the fact it’s ten in the morning, Trumpdisco’s new track “Love In A Cold Climate” will send your brain into a tailspin—in an abnormal yet impeccable way. The track seems like a combination of four tracks into one, which creates a sound safe to consider glitch electronic. In the past, I’ve mentioned that Trumpdisco has a niche for creating sounds that EDM listeners might not have yet indulged in before, trust me, “Love in a Cold Climate,” is no different. In addition, for close to a month now we’ve taunted readers about Trumpdisco’s European tour, which will finally kick off November 11, 2011 (11/11/11) in Belgium. For those who won’t be able to witness the guys in the flesh, download their new track for free and await the release of their upcoming EP “Ov Shark.” I’ve noticed the guys of Trumpdisco adore keeping their fans on their toes.


“Love In A Cold Climate”

Euro Dates:

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