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Go Vimeo: Radio Soulwax Kick's Off A New Hour With "Batuta Discos"


Radio Soulwax just launched their Vimeo channel along with a new hour, Batuta Discos. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, check out just what Radio Soulwax is here. “Machine,” an eye-popping trailer directed by Saam Farahman, was inspired by the Radio Soulwax project itself. The film perfectly encapsulates the audio visual obsession of Radio Soulwax.

The men behind Radio Soulwax say:

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We are launching our Vimeo channel so we can give the opportunity for everyone to watch all the hours in HD and on demand. You will also be able to share all the hours that have been released so far on our app and website. We will initially have 6 hours for the public to watch as well as the new trailer and then we will subsequently release an hour a week from then on.

Batuta Discos concept came from our love for Brazil and all its musical forms over various decades here in this mix. Its a place that has always inspired us musically, but also where you can lose yourself record shopping. Which we did…on many different trips and found the most incredible gems with the help of some of our Brazilian friends. The name, Batuta Discos, is a way of saying cool records but it was the way they said it in the 70s and 80s. We’re not quite sure of the correct translation but it’s a bit of an in joke with the Brazilians.

The app has been incredibly successful with 20 million hits and 1.5 million sessions and 200,000 people have installed the app.

Radio Soulwax is an evolution of music and visuals, created with a desire to bring a new and unique experience to musical explorers everywhere.

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