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I’m Picking Up (Good?) “Vibrations”


A buddy just sent me this link for the film Vibrations. It came out in 1995. Never heard of it before, but I might just be watching it tonight. It stars Christina Applegate (Married with Children, hottie!) as Anamika, a manager at the hottest dance club around and James Marshall (A Few Good Men, Gladiators) as T.J. Cray. Here’s the basic synopsis:
Rising rock star T.J. Cray is about to get his big break—an audition with an A&R man. Sadly on the day he’s going to meet up with said swindler a carload of drunks smash into his ride. It’s not just a fender bender, either—dude’s hands get severed. Bummer. So what’s a handless rockstar to do? Say goodbye to the business and become a homeless drunk. Duh. That is until one day when he wakes up to a pulsing beat in an abandoned warehouse where a “rave” is in full swing. Enter Anamika who helps reinvent T.J.'s career. And how exactly does one reinvent a handless rockstar’s career? Well, apparently Anamika’s neighbors have a bit of grey matter going on upstairs and concoct a contraption that allows dude to play with prosthetic hands. And he does so in a full robot suit as “Cyberstorm.” I have a feeling Vibrations is so freakin’ bad it’s gonna be awesome.


Here’s what I can find out YouTube. You can also stream via Netflix.

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