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Johnny Love (aka Deathface) Breaks Down Ten Influential Pieces Of Music



Say hello to the provocative Johnny Love. Some of you may know him as a Southside Chicago native who threw parties in the early 2000s—the kind of wild get togethers that got so bonkers that Love was imprisoned by the Chicago police on more than one occasion. Others might know from his Guns 'n' Bombs days together with Ima Robot bassist Filip Turbotito. They had a bit of output via Kitsuné a few years back. That electro-house chapter closed in ‘09, tho.

Today Johnny Love operates under the Deathface moniker with vocalist Adri Law. They released two EPs via Drop the Lime’s imprint Trouble & Bass earlier this year—"Fall Of Man" in March and "The Horrors" in May. Think ‘90s era Midwest hardcore, a little Magic the Gathering, woodland bonfire parties and white trash drug debauchery… run through an Atari Teenage Riot slash Aleister Crowley filter. It’s dark, it’s punishing, it’s imposing—it’s the kind of hardcore rave awesomeness parents might just find dangerous.

Love spends most of his time by himself. Cue the strings…the life of a DJ can be a lonely one. When he’s not DJing, he’s typically shooting guns in real life and on his Xbox. Oh yea, he thinks heroin is an awful scourge but hallucinogens, on the other hand, can be beneficial. He also says sex isn’t “sacred” its a need, like hunger or thirst. I can dig that.

We asked Johnny Love to talk about ten albums he has on current rotation. Here they are…enjoy.

Gun Club“Fire of Love” (Ruby Records)
I don’t think any rock band embodies sleaziness like these guys, I’ve had sex to “For the Love of Ivy” more times than I can count, and if I did heroin, well, this would be the soundtrack to that.

My Bloody ValentineLoveless (Creation)
I already loved this record before I did hallucinogens, but let me tell you, listening to this album while tripping sent me flying back in time to an adolescence filled with wearing flannel and making out with babes.

Skinny PuppyToo Dark Park (Nettwerk)
This along with the first NIN record were my first introductions to industrial and that’s all it took to get me hooked.

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Marilyn Manson“Antichrist Superstar” (Interscope)
I got this and listened to it nonstop until my mom found it a month later and reported me to the priest at my church and held a prayer circle. Clearly it did no good.

Nine Inch Nails“The Downward Spiral” (Interscope)
The apex of Trent Reznor, “Reptile” is my favorite NIN song of all time, and the entire album stands the test of time, it’s still completely brilliant.

Ministry“The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste” (Warner)
I want to be like Al Jourgensen without the heroin.

Sisters of Mercy“Floodland” (Merciful Release)
The first time I heard “This Corrosion” in a club I had snuck in when I was 19 for an International Deejay Gigolos party in Chicago and I saw the entire crowd put their hands in the air and lose it. Wow Chicago used to be awesome.

Telefon Tel Aviv“Immolate Yourself” (BPitch Control)
45-minutes of electronic magic, R.I.P. Charlie.

Pantera“The Great Southern Trendkill” (East West)
Pantera gave me a reason to like Texas, before I discovered the amazing BBQ. You know what this reminds me of? Pure fucking teenage rage.

Atari Teenage RiotDelete Yourself (Grand Royale)
I didn’t get to hear this until 2 years after it came out but when I heard it it perfectly distilled exactly how I felt as a 13 year old.

And here's a Deathface promo mix

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