Jordan Suckley: Wearing A Bra, Flying In Private Jets And Enjoying Every Minute Of It



Meet Jordan Suckley—a 26-year-old producer slash DJ from Liverpool. Before his current life, Suckley was a Business Studies major specializing in marketing at Swansea University. He did that for four years, just enough time for him to develop his musical palate and learn how to become a DJ—business school is where the foundations for his career in music began. That business mentality he cultivated no doubt helped him get from A to B a bit quicker than most folks trying to break through in to the music scene these days. Of course you need have your own sound, something for folks to latch on to, and be a versatile DJ, but there are many talented producers in this world that often don’t get the recognition they deserve. A business mind helps. So does working past your limits. A usual morning for Jordan consists of waking up after not much sleep, going through emails, listening to promos that labels and other DJs send him, mixing his radio show and speaking to his agency to sort out flight details for shows. Upcoming dates include gigs in Mongolia, Malta, Poland, Sweden, Bali, Australia, Argentina and the USA (Hawaii and Seattle to name a few). And dates with Simon Patterson for his Night Vision label. Once the morning is out of his way, he concentrates on making music all day and continues the process usually till around 4 or 5 am. Be on the lookout for tracks via Spinnin Records, collaborations with John O'Callaghan, Binary Finary and other high profile DJs. He’s also mixing his first compilation for Goodgreef.

As you can probably imagine, guy doesn’t have much free time these days. He’s on a mission to get as far as he can in his profession while enjoying the ride. Since becoming a professional DJ, he spends little time with the friends he grew up with. When he does have some downtime, he visits his other DJ friends, drinks Vodka & Cloudy Lemonades (his favorite drink) to relax and discusses what’s happening in the music world.

Guest DJ Mix

I was playing in Ireland about a year ago and a girl from the crowd had thrown her bra at me while I was DJing, so I picked it up and put it on as I DJd in front of the crowd.

How would you describe your sound to a deaf person?
Emotional, energetic and in your face.

What was your favorite toy as a child and when/why did you stop playing with it?
Probably my Super Mario Roller Boots when I was younger, although, sadly they didn’t last long because I grew out of them. If not those, then it probably would have been my BMX. I was quite the biker when I was younger, often going to skate / bike parks with my friends. I suppose that ended when I discovered DJing, beer and women.

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Any colorful incidents involving a fan?
There have been quite a few colorful scenarios in the last few years, but one from the top of my head was when I was playing in Ireland about a year ago and a girl from the crowd had thrown her bra at me while I was DJing, so I picked it up and put it on as I DJd in front of the crowd. Also, I have signed many bodily parts, haha!

Favor us with a moment in life that changed the course of, or defined, your aesthetic philosophy.
After watching Kevin & Perry the movie a few years ago, I decided I wanted to become a DJ. Also shortly after I got signed to my DJ agency in 2009, I got the opportunity to DJ in Ibiza, then the next day I flew to Ireland with other DJs from my agency to play. The following day we flew to play at Creamfields on a private jet and our jet landed next to David Guetta's. After those few days away I realized I am actually living my dream job and to enjoy every minute of it!

Your creative arc. Alpha to omega, go.
My creative process usually starts in a clubbing environment on the weekends when I play. It can be from hearing a sound / track and seeing its reaction in the club. This can be anything from a distinctive bassline, to a powerful melody, which can spark a creative idea for me. Following this, I return to my studio first thing on a Monday and try and portray some of these ideas and make them sound my own.

I often work in my studio until 5 am during the week, because this is when I work best and am more focused, due to fewer distractions. It’s not ideal working till so early in the morning, but creativity is not something that can be forced, so you have to utilize when you are most creative, no matter what time of day it may be. Other times my creative process can start from just opening a blank page in my production software (Logic Studio) and making it up as I go along. It all depends on how I am feeling on the day and what deadlines I may have. I like to give myself a few weeks working on a track, making a first draft, testing it out at the gigs I have that weekend, passing a sample on to other producer friends for their honest opinion. Once I am 100% happy with it, I will pass it on to my record label (Spinnin Records) who organizes a release date and then the process starts again!

The movement from CD to MP3 was a big paradigm shift in the music biz. Crystal ball time. What will be the next big shake up? How are you going to come out on top?
I was recently involved with the “BPM show” at the NEC in Birmingham UK, which had on display many of the new technologies the music industry have been working on for the future. For those who haven't heard of the BPM Show, it’s basically a huge exhibition involving many of the companies linked to the DJ / producing / music world. It was clear from my visit to the BPM show this year that one of the next major shake-ups is involving laptops / computers with the art of DJing. Some critics may feel using a laptop is not really DJing, but this could not be further away from the truth. This is because using the new DJ software such as Traktor, in conjunction with the clubs DJ equipment, enables you to mix multiple decks and takes the art of DJing to another level. Also, one of the new technologies that has caught my eye recently is the new DJ touch screen interface, which involves hooking up your DJ software to a meter wide touch screen and mixing via this transparent screen, which is great fun to mix on and to watch! It’s great to see all of the new technology that will change the way many people perform. However, fundamentally, you will still generally get booked on the music you release and therefore, this is the main area of focus for many DJs / producers.

Do you think there are any commonly held societal beliefs that are false?
The belief that parking attendants are honest people.

Jordan Suckley's November guest mix tracklisting:

  1. Jacob Van Hage “Convoi”

  2. Jordan Suckley feat. Leann Thomas “Latvian Sun”

  3. Gareth Emery feat. Mark Frisch “In To The Light” (Cliff Coenraad RMX)

  4. Rodrigo Deem “Blast”

  5. Phunk Investigation “You Know” (Beltek RMX)

  6. Gareth Emery “Global” (Jordan Suckley RMX)

  7. W&W “Impact” (Marlo RMX)

  8. Jordan Suckley “From Paradise”

  9. JS Mashup “Aurora Stadium”

  10. Erick Strong “Stars”

  11. Jordan Suckley “23!”

  12. Klauss Goulbert “No Mans Land”

  13. Grace “Not Over Yet” (Jordan Suckley Feat. Leanne Thomas RMX)

  14. Defcon Audio “Lost In You” (Jamie Walker RMX)

  15. Armin Van Buuren & Susanne “Home” (Daniel Kandi RMX)

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