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Kap Slap—It’s Like Funneling A Beer With A 151 Chaser


While scrolling through FreshNewTracks I stumbled upon a new mashup artist, Kap Slap. I must say…his sounds excite my ears. Kap Slap is Jared Lucas, a senior at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania who started experimenting and learned how to create mashups through Garage Band during his free time in ‘09. After a year of mucking around, he released his first musical fusion using Ableton Live 8. Gotta love the inspiration Jared Lucas sourced when coming up with the Kap Slap name; he’s a brother of the Kappa Alpha Society—yes he’s a frat boy. The dynamic of the Kap Slap is after a person begins funneling a beer a shot of Bacardi 151 rum is added, creating a “slap” in the face.

Kap Slap recently released a video for his latest single “Chris Brown’s Temper,” which features three tracks: Chris Brown’s “Yeah Yeah Yeah,” David Guetta’s “Who’s that Chick” feat Rihanna and the Axwell and Dirty South remix of “Sweet Disposition” by Temper Trap. In addition, Kap Slap currently has Kaskade Found Love, a three track EP featuring Kaskade x Rihanna x Nero x Chrizz Luvly, along with two tracks with edits by Skrillex and Porter Robinson, which we have as a free download right here. Hmm could it be possible, Kap Slap might land a deal with Skrillex’s label OWSLA? Only time will tell.

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