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Killing Spree On Dec. 9 With Babe Rainbow—Plus Free DJ Mix



Magnetic friend Zane Landreth (DJ/promoter/tour manager) sent us this mixtape yesterday. He did it for Los Angeles based footwear company Generic Surplus. Generic Surplus recently rounded up Franki Chan, Paul Devro, Jamal Dauda (aka DJ Kid Lightning) and, well, Landreth to be models and sorta represent a specific pair of shoes from The Hillhurst Collection. It's part of their holiday 2011 collection. Landreth is seen here wearing the Klein. We’re digging ‘em. If you’re not familiar with the line, you can check out their collection here. If a classic and timeless look appeals to you more than flashy and loud you’ll appreciate the vibe. Anywho, our editor had Landreth’s mix on repeat pretty much all day yesterday so we figured we should share with you.

From the primordial opener “Blood Witness” to the elevated and atmospheric closing tune, "Odd Sympathy" Landreth works his way though a forceful yet brooding collection of tunes. If you like what you hear and if you’re in LA, Zane does a night at the Medusa Lounge on Beverly called Killing Spree with resident DJs Gibby Miller and Nightchilde. It’s a paltry $5 and next week on the 9th they have Babe Rainbow playing. Peep the video and flyer below.

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Generic Surplus Mix


  1. Regis "Blood Witness”

  2. Perc "Tension"

  3. Hrdvsion "Captivated Heart"

  4. Delta Funktionen "Another Dimension"

  5. Peter Van Hoesen "Axis Mundi"

  6. Byetone "T-E-L-E-G-R-A-M-M"

  7. Factory Floor "Two Different Ways"

  8. Nick Hoppner "A Peck And A Pawn"

  9. Kanding Ray "Odd Sympathy"


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