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Lesbian Propaganda & Other Myths: Misogyny In Dance Music


The Quietus recently ran the feature, “Lesbian Propaganda & Other Myths: Misogyny In Dance Music.” In it Angus Finlayson examines a disturbing trend towards misogyny in dance music circles, and contrasts that current shift with the promises of equality ushered in by the genesis of house music and the early days of rave.

One of the reasons I love dance music is because it’s one of the few genres where you don’t have to hear or think about anything except dancing. DJs know it, love it and just don’t give a fuck. Hell, sometimes they even announce it loud and proud within their beats. Yet, our safe haven has been unveiled and politics have begun to leak.

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Unfortunately, whether it's directly or indirectly, we deal with issues of class, race and sexuality every single day. Now, we are subjected to it in the very spot where we thought we’d find reprieve: on the dancefloor. The Top 100 list in DJ Mag fails to list even ONE female DJ. Many are concerned that misogyny has found its way to our beloved music.

Also found this article via Mixmag.

Is dance music sexist?

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